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Fisioterapia na Saúde da Mulher, Pediátrica, Músculo-esquelética, Neurológica e Respiratória, são só algumas das formas como podemos ajudá-lo a ter uma vida mais saudável e feliz.

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Em 2013, a Jorge Ribas Fisioterapeutas Lda passou a Porto Physio Center e mudámos de instalações. A mesma filosofia, num espaço diferente, criado de raiz para a prática de cuidados de saúde personalizados, onde os utentes têm caras, nomes e sentimentos. Queremos ser um farol para quem se quer afirmar pela diferença.

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As vossas palavras

  • Whilst visiting Porto recently I required a physiotherapy treatment. Jorge provided the treatment which was exceptional, and was fully supported by the receptionist, Joana at the clinic - her customer care skills are highly commendable. As English is spoken this was most helpful.  Thank you for your service. I have recommended your clinic to other health care providers in the UK.
  • The professionalism and dedication of Dr. Cláudia Ribas has made all the difference in my daughter's life. From respiratory kinesiotherapy to neurodevelopment, her work has made M. able to face the future without limitations. Thank you!
  • Institute and professionals of great quality. Without doubt one of the best in Porto. It is not easy to find a physiotherapy clinic with such individualized and personalized care. Modern and fully accessible facilities. Whether it is a respiratory infection or just a back pain that does not go away, the treatment proves to be quite effective. Highly satisfied!

  • Just a quick note to let you know that I ran and completed the Paris Marathon. Better time than expected too:  4:10!

    The hip and leg area behaved well and I had no problems or pains during the whole run. I still can’t believe that just over four weeks ago I had the injury and we managed to make this happen with such a short time.

    It was an amazing experience to run the race. I am very happy you were able to help me achieve this goal. Thank you!!!!

  • Thanks to the availability and attention of Dr. Jorge Ribas, I have been developing some of the aspects, considered by this important, to be able to obtain improvements in my physical condition. I do not forget where to turn if necessary, although far away you are my priority in the possible need for treatment. For my part, I appreciate the dedicated attention and always very welcoming.